Introduction: This article is designed to provide tips and tricks that are too short to post as full page blogs.

Cannot email large attachments:  Some emails programs will have no problem sending attachments larger than 1 meg, but others do – for some reason.  Trick: Try changing the composition / email writing style from HTML to Text.  In fact, there is really no need to send any email as a fancy html page.  Text is easier and cheaper, quicker and allows for big attachments.

Transferring pics from phone to laptop:  Using Blue Tooth and or a cable to transfer files between smart phone and laptop is cumbersome, per se.  Trick:  Download Connect2 by Lenovo to all your wireless devices and laptop.  It will use the laptops wi-fi (and not your broadband) signal to connect and transfer files.  It requires a little practice. But well worth the trouble.

Win7 Search:  To execute options for advance searches, click on Start then press the F3 key.

more to come!  if you have any, i will post them for you here. let me know!


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