Introduction: This article is designed to provide tips and tricks that are too short to post as full page blogs.

Cannot email large attachments:  Some emails programs will have no problem sending attachments larger than 1 meg, but others do – for some reason.  Trick: Try changing the composition / email writing style from HTML to Text.  In fact, there is really no need to send any email as a fancy html page.  Text is easier and cheaper, quicker and allows for big attachments.

Transferring pics from phone to laptop:  Using Blue Tooth and or a cable to transfer files between smart phone and laptop is cumbersome, per se.  Trick:  Download Connect2 by Lenovo to all your wireless devices and laptop.  It will use the laptops wi-fi (and not your broadband) signal to connect and transfer files.  It requires a little practice. But well worth the trouble.

Win7 Search:  To execute options for advance searches, click on Start then press the F3 key.

TV Volume has mind of its own:  If flat panel tv suddenly goes out of control, dont waste time with tricks.  This problem is occurring frequently with flat panels.  Perhaps its a virus in the computer or a physical manufacturing defect.   But after all is said and done, the fix is to open the back side of the tv to unplug the tiny circuit board that houses the control buttons from the mother board.  After reinstalling the back panel, the tv will be back to 100% normal, with the exception that you will not be able to manually control the tv.  A technician isnt necessary and any computer geek / kid can easily do this.


more to come!  if you have any, i will post them for you here. let me know!


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