Acronis Loader Failure NTFS Message after Rebooting


The information on this page is to provide a methodology to recover from “Acronis Loader OS failure” hit “Enter” to proceed to OS.


While my issue occurred with the Acronis Disk Director 10 full version for/and on my Vista Machine, I believe the methodology below will work for any Acronis Product that incorporates the OS Selector module.  The error is related to the OS Selector Module in Acronis Products, imo.



Apparently, the removal of the Acronis Disk Director isnt clean (for whatever reason). Subsequently, rebooting the machine after uninstalling the program, a NTFS message pops up on the screen citing a “Acronis OS Loader Failure”; immediately after the bios initialization.

The inclination after proceeding into the OS is to google the problem and discover that it also occurs to other people as well.  Further, the Acronis Clean Up utility that sounds like the ticket to solve this issue, proves to be futile and a waste of time.



What prove to work is executing the option called “Rebuild MBR” provided by the AOMEI Partition Assistant freeware.

The option will appear when you click on the far left side in the graphical representation of the hard drive.  There will be a space with “MBR” typed in it. Just click on “MBR” and look for the new set of options on the sidebar.


In conclusion:

a) While I am not sure if ntfs commands like fixmbr and the like will work; it was easy enough to the download and use the freeware above.

b) My assessment is that Acronis modifies the MBR to load its OS selector but is unable to clean itself out of the MBR after it is uninstalled.  Who knows? But maybe modifying the MBR is limited or prevented as a security feature by windows.

c) It is unclear if I will be investing in expensive software when it is just as reliable as freeware.   I mean, if my Disk Director was freeware, then there would be no foundation to complain.

d) For what its worth, freeware’s that work on partitions dont install any o.s. selector. So it is unclear of what is the benefit/value of Acronis OS selector module.



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