Combine Portrait&Landscape PPT Slides

Introduction: The purpose of this article is to provide the power point creator with a technique to combine landscape slides with portrait slides into one presentation.

Problem:  When creating a slideshow via MS PowerPoint and the generic alternatives, the author is limited to using either portrait style slides or landscape style slides but not both at the same time.  In other words the presentation will be either be a) 8.5 x 11 inches or b) 11 x 8.5 but not both in a single presentation.

Solution: Create a canvas that holds both sizes!

Step 1:  Start with a blank presentation.  The first slide will be set to one of the sizes noted above in (a) and (b).

Step 2: Go to page set up and modify the page size by making both the width and the height 11 inches. Click ok and return to editor.

Step 3: Set the background color to 100% black.

At this point this canvas is ready to hold/contain/display a portrait style and or a landscape style document or image.

To further see the methodology in action, insert a box shape and the set the size to 8.5 x 11.  Next change its color from the default blue to white.  Next align the shape to the middle and center of the canvas.  The white box is a representation of the document or image that is based on 8.5 x 11 page size.

The next create a new slide which will produce a new 11×11 canvas.  Here insert a box shape box and set it to 11 x 8.5, and then set it it to the middle and center of the canvas.

Additionally, if you click on the white box and display its control handles, you can rotate the text box by 90 degrees and see it fits perfectly on the black canvas.

You will also note that both the portrait and landscape pages will have 2 black borders on each side of them.  Since the borders are black, they will not be seen when you run your presentation.

Now that you have the concept of my methodology, this can also be applied to importing information.   This is particular useful when creating a presentation that was previously on pdf.

Create a presentation from a pdf manuscript

If you have an upgraded pdf software that provides conversions, then you can convert a pdf manuscript into images.  Each page of the manuscript will be a individual image.  Afterwards, those images can be imported to build a powerpoint via the “create album” feature.

This feature for creating “albums” comes in very handy when you convert a Word doc that has both portrait and landscape pages, into pdf.  The pdf converter will then create an image of each page and save them as jpeg’s.  Some images will be portrait size and others may be landscape sizes.

These jpeg’s can then be imported as a group/batch via the “make album” feature of PPT2010. This feature will automatically create a presentation of your manuscript.

Afterwards any landscape images that were imported as portraits can be rotated on the canvas by clicking on the image, exposing the control handles and then rotate by 90 degrees.

Conclusion: Using the methodology above for combining portrait and landscape style slides will give you the edge you need to make your presentation effective.

Tip:  To build a presentation via the album feature on the 11×11 canvas, first import 1 image onto the standard ppt slide.  Next modify the slide size to 11×11 canvas  Next go back to the “album” making option and do an “edit” and re-import all of the jpegs into the canvas.  The end result should produce many slides that will require you to manually rotate some of the images by 90 degrees.