Copy Links / Bookmarks between PDF’s

Introduction:  The purpose of this article is to provide the computer user with the steps to transfer / copy bookmarks that were manually created via the link tool, such as those created for a Table of Contents.


Problem: Most sources on the net promote the solution of simply saving a pdf page populated with links, then importing that page into the new document.  While this method is okay for similar pdf documents, it cannot be applied for two pdf that are structurally identical but in two different languages.


Solution: Copy Links from one pdf and paste into the other:



In version 8 and if you are asking about your manually made bookmarks via the “link tool”, then

First make sure that you are viewing “full page” on the screen for both pdf documents.

On the original pdf, select menu “tools” > “advance editing” > “link tool”

You should see your set of links appear on the full page.

Next right click on a link and select > “edit” > “select all” > “copy”,

Afterwards, switch to the other pdf with the similar page and click “paste”.

What may happen after you paste in the new document is that the set of links are off by several lines.  So, use your arrow keys to move the block to the desired position.

Good Luck !


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