LGSmartPhone into 4 In Tablet Only

Purpose:  This article provides the cell phone user with a method for converting the Verizon LG Optimus Exceed Prepaid phone into a 4 inch wifi tablet.  While the methodology below is dedicated for a particular equipment model, ie Verizon, other cell phone brands could also be converted.  However, the exact steps below are for the Verizon Prepaid model vs450pp and not for other brands.

Introduction: Having a small tablet with an android o.s. is very convenient because 1) it can easily be carried in your pocket, 2) you can have apps with store coupons, 3) you can record pics and videos and 4) in this method you can also use it for emergency 911 calls.

Problem: At this time tablet sizes range from 7″ to 10″, then jump over to tablets which are more like mini laptops (anyone remember those netbooks?).  Therefore, there isn’t anything on the market that is sold as a 4″ tablet, per se.

Solution: Purchase a wireless prepaid smartphone which is very inexpensive and bypass the activation.

Brand: LG Optimus Exceed 2 4GB Verizon Prepaid Smartphone

Model: VS450PP

Cost: Approximately 25.00 (via Ebay)

The smartphone can then be dedicated for use with internet Wi-Fi only, just like a regular tablets.  Once the wi-fi is established, you can download additional apps to it or connect it to your pc or laptop via usb to transfer files.

Step 1: First you will have to install the battery that comes in the package.

Step 2: Connect your smart phone to its power source and wall socket and begin charging it.  In the interim, you can do a little programming.

Step 3: Turn on smart phone and wait for the activation screen to pop up. But don’t touch the screen or buttons or icons in the interim.in it.

Next by pass activation which will take you to the desktop. You will have to execute the following 4 steps within 4 seconds. In other words, execute the following steps quickly, like 1/2 second each.

Step 4: Press the speaker button volume up once

Step 5: Press the speaker button volume low once

Step 6: Tap the return icon once (which is u-turn arrow bottom left screen)

Step 7: Press the home key once (which is the rectangular button at the bottom middle of screen)

Once you get to the desktop, you can then begin the configuration process via “setup”.  At this point I can only recommend the next 2 steps.  All else is your personal customizations.

Step 8: Enable WiFi (look for you internet signal and then enter your password)

Step 9: Disable Mobile Storage (Mobile storage and WiFi will not work together. Mobile storage is like the Google Cloud or Microsofts One drive).

Note 1: Smartphones come with proprietary software/apps.  The one above is dedicated to Google. Therefore has Google Apps on it, which is not bad. Google is the leader in Android Apps anyways.  Therefore, if you don’t have a Gmail Account, I would set up one so you can benefit from the Google App services and Google Cloud service and other Google programs that are competing with Microsoft.

Note 2: The smart phone above has a built in 4 gigabyte of memory.  But you can add additional memory via a tiny card that you will have to buy separately.  The additional memory will help to store pics and videos (and music, if you want such things) And you can always transfer (or copy) files to your other computer or to Google Drive.

In conclusion: All smart phones have the ability to use WiFi. But you don’t have to pay for cell phone service and the WiFi they provide, when you have WiFi at home.  The only set back, is that the smart phone WiFi is limited to WiFi signals that are available at your home or at coffee shops.

However, if you want to use the smart phone for phone services too, you can use an app like Magic Jack, which will make your WiFi smartphone into a VOIP, ie phone line via internet.