Is it Microsoft forcing Windows 10 upgrades?

I’m surprised to read articles in this day of age that still talk about to upgrade or not to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10.

As a customer of Microsoft since the ancient times of MS-Dos, I have spent lots of time and money dealing with the corporation and some of its products.  And like many people all over the world, the experience has never been problem free.  On the bright side, the challenges with using Microsoft operating systems and other software has made us wiser in many ways.

So I have provided some of my rationalities as to what Win10 means to me at this time:

1) People don’t realize that Win10 is a glorified spyware, (like those on your smartphones) that is collecting everything you ask, read and do. That is why it Win10 was given away for FREE for a time.  In other words, there was more money to be made from giving it away than selling it.  But could MS have done both, i.e. sell the software and also collect and sell our information it aggregates, as well?  Sure they could have. But when it came to trying to sell it, MS knew there was not going to be a stampede of people buying Win10.  So the Cost-Benefit was to give it away as soon as possible because there was much to be gain by it.
2) MS has always known the power it has with driving the tech industry.  In other words, it is because people upgrade to newer os’s, the tech market also built hardware and software for the newer os’s.   For them trying to make a profit,  there are no financial incentives by creating and providing patches and upgrades for their hardware and software in order to make them compatible with newer os’s.
3) To this end, Win10 does not and will not work on lower end pc’s and laptop’s built for Win7.  Sure, Win10 will install on them. But its performance is utter b.s.   In fact, I had to file a complaint with a fed agency to stop MS from hijacking my Win7 laptop with the “then” Win10 updates.  This became a big inconvenience and a nuisance and i was unable to circumvent MS’s desire to forcifully install Win10.  A week later I stopped receiving the mandated Win10 update. And by the end of the month, I think MS was providing the option and methodology to uninstall the “Win10 installer/hijacker” as well.  But up to that time, many folks woke up with a machine that got Win10 installed on it overnight.
4) Finally, Win10 is not business software and most business’s cannot afford to switch out all their equipment and continuously buy upgraded os’s.  If we compare WinXP to Win10, on 2 different machines, ie Pentium 1 and Pentium 5, we would and business’s would see the same operational speed between both these machines.  However, from a Cost Benefit stand point, it would be cheaper and more cost effective for businesses to run XP.    However, the caveat here is a department of a business that creates software would need the power and software of a Pentium 5 class machine, it sales staff and accountants would only need the power and software of Pentium 1.