MSOutlook: Moving Your Emails to Gmail

The purpose of this article is to provide the users of Microsofts online email service a methodology to transfer over to Google’s Gmail service.  The solution to make the transition easier, instead of experimental, are provided in the steps below.

Problem:  As of June 30, 2016 Microsoft will again give its windows users that had paid for Win7 and less the shaft again, by limiting access to users of Win8 and above via a desktop email client.

And while Microsoft is giving away Win10, which provides an email program for sending and receiving emails directly from a home computer, Win10 is not compatible with many machines, as is always the case with each launching of a new o.s.’s.

My Opinions: Microsoft’s solution’s are one that benefits the corporates bottom line and not the customers.  For example, Microsoft is not closing any email accounts. Instead, users of Win7 or less will have to use the web browser to manage our emails.  Of course, if you have more than 1 email account, this is not a convenience.

(At this time, all browsers can do this. But it will be a matter of time before Microsoft cites that only its browser is secure enough to access its email servers and your email accounts) 

In regards to Win10: Many years has Microsoft claimed that Gmails are being scanned and scraped for data about us.   But for the most part, nobody has never had to worry about what the ambiguous data contained in Gmails.

Win10 however, is nothing more than a glorified phone app/spyware.  If you read the Win10 agreement during the install, it tells you what Microsoft is entitled to.

So if Win10 is acting like a phone app, then Win10 will not only scan your emails but also have access to everything else, as if your computer is a cell phone.

(After uninstalling the incompatible Win10 from my laptop, i discovered that all my passwords in my emails and browsers were gone. For whatever reason, Microsoft feels that Win10 had the right to aggregate all the passwords in the computer, without giving me the option to say “NO”). 

But you can read the Win10 agreement and make your own conclusions.

I say if Microsoft could give its Win10 away for free, then it should be able to give away its Win8 for free to, especially for those that purchased Win7 and was short changed by a built in email client.


Solution:  Transferring emails is essentially easy but it is time consuming, especially if you have several email accounts and years of emails that you can find the courage to delete into oblivion.

It not only includes switching email service providers but also desktop email clients, that is if you are using Microsofts Live Mail Email program.  Sooner or later Microsoft will also toss out its free Live Mail program too.


Procedure:  The steps below is what i have used with success.

Step 1: Create email accounts on Gmail servers.

Note: Be advised that Google will only allow 2 email accounts to be verified via 1 phone number.  So if you need to create 4 email accounts, then you will need to have 2 phone numbers, 1 for each pair of accounts you are creating.

Note: You can create additional Gmail accounts with a phone number.  Google is riddled with the steps on how to do this.  But the key to their success is to a) use a different browser, other than the one used for creating the initial Gmail accounts. b) your birthday should equal to you being 20 years old, c) use any old email address for the verification process (see next note).  After creating the account, you can later go back into its preferences and change the data you had inputted during creation.

Note: You will need a old email account somewhere on the net, which can then be used by the GMAIL system during new account creation. So to this end, you might want to have a AOL or JUNO or other none Microsoft email acct for use by Gmail when you need help accessing the Gmail account(s).

Note: You may be unable to create the same user name on GMAIL, because someone else has already taken it.  So for example, might not be easily created as

To this end. Gmail allows you to use 2 periods in the name portion.  So in the case above you can use something like

The next step will show you how to can be sync’d to, per se.

Step 2: Switching Desktop Email Program.  While there are a number of free email programs on the net, like Tbird, Eudora, etc, I have found them to be bug-gy.  But you are welcome to use them.

However, my suggestion is to download the “free version” of Zimbra email program to your computer and create the GMAIL accounts in it.

Note: Use ZIMBRA in parallel with your current email program. Therefore, leave the accounts and emails in your old/current email program “as is”

Note: Zimbra does require JAVA.  So you may also have to download JAVA as well.  Be sure to also match the JAVA bit version and also allow the JAVA to remove your old Java versions from your system, as well.

Note: You will not be able to export your emails stored on your computer over to the Zimbra Email program.  The emails are 2 different formats.  However, there are freewares to convert them. But they are for purchase and the free versions are limited to converting like 25 emails only.

Step 3: Synchronizing your online emails between Outlook and Gmail.

After creating the Gmail accounts online and also inside the Zimbra email program, you are ready to sync them, ie copying the email stores from Microsoft servers over to Google Gmail servers via Gmails import utility.

Step 3a: Open your online GMAIL account and go to the inbox.

Step 3b: On right hand side, click on the gear cog icon and select “Settings”

Step 3c: Over the window in the middle, you will see a menu, usually in blue color.  Click on Accounts and Import

Step 3d: Go down to the section where you can then click on “import mail and contacts”

Step 4d: A pop up window will appear with some steps to follow.  In this window, you will need to enter the email address of the old account you are transferring/importing from.

Step 4e: Open a new tab in the browser and log into the Microsoft email account, ie the old account you are importing from.  So then you should have 1 tab opened up with your new Gmail Account and the next tab will be open to the old Microsoft email account.

Step 4f: Follow the steps and read the info provided in next step/pop up window, then click “yes”.   For now, the “shuttle cloud” program needs admin rights to do this work for you.  But after the importation is completed, you can reset the permissions back to you.

In the interim, i suggest not to expect Zimbra to be fully updated by Google Gmail for at least 24hrs because it will take time to transfer data between microsoft and google servers.  After your google gmail account is updated, you can then do the “send receive” button to update your Zimbra.

Tip: Do not bother downloading the Outlook Connector for Zimbra, unless you are using MSOffice Outlook on your computer.

After the syncing is completed and your Gmail accounts have a copy of the emails from your Microsoft email accounts, you can then synchronize your Gmail accounts to the Zimbra program.

In conclusion: Use your current email program in conjunction with Zimbra for several weeks.  In doing so, you will see all the emails still being received via your old email program, which then can give you the opportunity to update those  websites still using your old email address.

In my opinion, the less people rely upon Microsoft, the better off we all are.  Ultimately, Microsoft has dropped the ax on us in one way or another when it comes to using their products and services.  So with the procedures above in dropping Microsoft Email Services and using its email program, you will be the more wiser, especially when email is a serious thing for us.