Laptop Video Cam Remove / Uninstall


Introduction: The purpose of this article is to provide the computer user with the methodology to reliably inhibit the image capturing mode of the built in video camera without damaging it.



  • Firstly, Video Camera’s are not necessarily utilized or wanted by  computer users but are built in and no options are provided to conveniently deactivate them.
  • Secondly, Video Camera’s can also be hacked and activated covertly and illegally in order to spy on the computer user.
  • Thirdly, disabling and or uninstalling the Video Cam Device Driver is unreliable and provides the computer user with a false sense of security because the driver will eventually be re-enable and or re-installed by the o.s.
  • Lastly, third party programs that suggest their software can control the device drivers are malicious programs in themselves and will exploit the flaw in windows and compromise the security of the computer.


Solution 1:  Open the computer case and disconnect or snip the wires from the built-in video cam.

Solution 2:  Put a piece of scotch tape (or tiny band aid) over the camera lens.


Tip:  Press the sticky side of the tape around the outer edge of the glass lens and not directly on the glass lens.  In the future if the lens gets glue on it, simply take something like a q-tip with a little witch hazel or alcohol and gently wipe the lens clean.






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