Spare Drive Guide

Managing Email Boxes

The purpose of this article is to provide a computer user with a methodology to move or store email boxes to a spare drive.



Problem: If the system drive requires formatting or the o.s. needs to be reinstalled, then the email boxes will be lost.

Solution: Relocate the email boxes to the spare partition.  



Before you begin:   Create a master folder on your spare drive. For example: My Email 



  •  If you currently use the Microsoft Office Outlook Email Program, then refer to the instructions here:


  • If you currently use the Outlook Express Email Program then refer to the instructions here:


  • If you currently use the Windows Live Mail Email Program then do the following:
    • Open Windows Live Mail
    • Click Tools
    • Click Options
    • Click Advanced
    • Click Maintenance
    • Click Store Folder
    • Click Change
    • Then point to the new folder you created on the spare drive.

Additional Information


Tip 1: If you prefer, you can leave the email boxes on the primary partition, e.g. Drive C and maintain copies/backups of them on the spare drive.  Subsequently, you can use Microsoft’s Sync Toy to sync the mail boxes.

Tip 2: If you use more than one email program, be sure to use the leave messages on server setting enabled.  That way your email service provider will maintain copies of your emails that can be redownloaded if your email program crashes.



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